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CPR is the leading company in organising events for academic institutions and NGOs.

CPR group started out of the student association of Rupin College. Two years later CPR produces and manages youth events for countless academic institutions, organising 10 student days in just one year. 

Working with academic institutions and NGOs is a joy - we are giving to those who keep on giving

Musica- cultural festival, city of Lod

CPR was called to execute the wonderful initiative of the Israeli Student Union and City of Lod, in showcasing the diverse cultures of Lod, representing the richness of community culture. 


CPR organised live preformances on the center stage, food galore, an exciting photography showcase, and a childrens' area.


CPR further chose the location, Gandi garden, in the center of Lod, where the stage was built, a chillout area built, an artists and designers fair organised, and an youth activities area. 


CPR concluded the event with one of Israel's most famous artists, Dudu Tasa, preforming live with the Andalusian band of Ashdod.

Veterans Conference- 40 years to Yom Kipur War


CPR was proud to hold the 40 years to Yom Kipur War conference, battalion 52, in "Yad Lashirion," Latroon. CPR took 4 months to research, contact veterans and families, undrstanding the battalion its officers past and present. 


As part of the conference CPR was responsible for all soldiers updated listings, contacting all soldiers and collect information, including of families who have lost their dear ones in the war.


CPR further took it upon itself to collect war momentos for a unique exhibition at the event. 


All attendees received a DVD with a video CPR produced especialli for the event. 


The event hosted many including Yad LaShirion, the Israeli Defense Force, and catering companies who donated to the event.


Sea and Science Festival


CPR continued the tradition of the Sea and Science Festival with Rupin College and Mevuot Yam, on one of Israel's most beautiful beachest.


Sea and Science Festival welcomes all agest, especially families and children, showcasing the sea as an endless source of scientific research and information. 


CPR organised family activities based on research preformed at Rupin College including a photography exhibition, lectures, professional meetings, viewing a station for saving sea turtles, walking tours of the beaches, and microscopic iewings of the campus labs. 


CPR even brought in Dani Rup, Israel's leading television weather anchor. 


Families enjoyed listening to war stories at the sea, susen music preformances, and many family activities.


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Student Union- Reload, City of Lod


CPR had one month to produce a mega event for the city of Lod and the Israeli Student Union.


In one month CPR toured locations, contacted suppliers, franchises, took care of lisencing, and learned what the youth of the city really likes. CPR cooperated on everything with the national student union, local student union, and group of young activists. 


The event exceeded all expectations. One month later the event had a radio stand with live shows from Radio Tel Aviv hosting famous artists, youth party, live preformances, artistic corner, brakedance area, food area,  and many local artists. 


CPR found local artists who have gone famous such as Natan Goshen to preform, and finished the event with two of Israel's most famous artists Sarit Hadad and Mosh Ben Ari, with Natalie Dadon as the evening host. 


CPR made a point to open the event with students, so that all know the importance and presence of the student body association nationally and in the city of Lod. 

Student Days


The founders of CPR started their professional experience in the student association world. The work of CPR naturally began with a strong focus on producing student days including large productions of 10,000 people, with an endless lineup of artists. 


Producing student days for CPR includes working on the project from start to finish, from the initial budget, all the way through planning the artistic content, and to on field execution. 


Some of our work includes student days for : Rupin College, Emek Isreal College, the Open University, Achba College and more.

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Bat NGO- Annual Mentorship program conference 


Bat NGO is the official NGO of the Flotilla 13 veterans.

The NGO takes on projects for soldiers of the division, operates a friends of veterans project, and works for and with other social and community organisations.


Bat NGO began in 1984 for the purpose of maintaining the human capital of the division's veterans, and continue to work for them and Israeli society.  


The NGO's flagship program is a mentoring program, operating for now 7 years.


CPR was proud to organise the NGO's mentorship wide event.

CPR worked with the NGO through the process from coming up with a concept for the event, to making it into a suuccessful reality.

Yona Yahav, mayor of Haifa, and Dr. Chaya Aluf spoke, and the singer Muki preformed


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