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Conferences and exhibitions produced by CSR Group attract the general public through creating a new experience, while keeping the customer's marketing and branding message.

CPR emphasizes VIP service to all clients, aiming that the client will simply need to attend the event, rather than be occupied with hosting the event. 

Annual conference for small-mid sized businesses

Producing the conference in Modiin was the first of many conferences for SMBs in various cities across Israel. 


The conference was well attended. Conference speakers and panels included mayors, and journalists such as Gideon Reicher.

Discount Bank business conference center for Israel construction

Discount conference for business was held for the tenth time at the Meridian hotel, Dead Sea. The conference hosted over 1000 of the top construction, real estate, and municipal executives that make up the Israeli construction and real estate sector. 


The event included professional panels, a buisness club area, presentations and lectures by mayors, artistic preformances by Israel's top preformers including Shlomi Shabat and Tislam, and a sports competition amongst members of the construction community. 


Exhibition- Israeli construction center - Nadlaniada

It is not ever day that the real estate market opens its gates and offers unprecedented discounts on a myriad of projects and properties.


This year the center for construction decided it is time to back construction companies willing to provide discounts. The event provided these contruction companies with such opportunity. 


CPR was chosen to produce the event in consideration of its reputation of creating the perfect synergy between the clients needs and consumer experience. 

Building-the professional construction exhibition

The Building is the yearly projects, construction, infrastructure, transportation biggest exhibition. 


The exhibition is for a professional audience. The exhibition attracted over 200 companies. 


Pilates Confernece- Control 2014

CPR organised the first ever Israeli pilates conference on behalf of a pilates studio from Kfar Saba. The conference invited all Israeli instructors, to listen and learn from a world class "guru," vice preseident of the PMA,miss Celeste.


 CPR planned the event from start to finish, including budget, designing the logo, planning and executing marketing strategy, recruitment of ambassadors, translation services, locations, photographers, and providing 5 day accomodations to guests. 


Following the success of the conference, he client has requested CPR to organise next years conference



Pre conference vid ~ conference video ~ Conference Gallery  


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